Belief Before I tell you about what it is actually. I want to tell you something. When someone says .. “I believe in you.” Make sure they don’t ever tell you “I believed in you.” I understand circumstances and situations, but if you are honest enough, this “believed” word might hurt you.   What is... Continue Reading →

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Google Duplex : A glimpse of the future…

Google announced all kinds of goodies at this year’s Google IO, and one of the most interesting was Google Duplex. It’s an artificial intelligence agent that can make phone calls for you – and we don’t mean dialing the number. We mean it has actual conversations with real-life people. If you haven’t already seen the demo, please... Continue Reading →

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This is how to contribute to the open source project on GitHub

Contributing to open source can be a rewarding way to learn, teach, and build experience in just about any skill you can imagine. Some of us might be having problems to start contributing the collaborative Projects on GitHub. Here is a quick guide I made for you guys to get started- STEPS INVOLVED IN THE... Continue Reading →

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Through this,  I'll share with you, a little thought to how we submit ourselves unintentionally to the wrong things around us by confining ourselves and asking- Why me? Never blame this question, as there are many. Often in life, we understand we need something that we don't have. Maybe 'love','company','partner','friends' and a lot more to... Continue Reading →

MARS ONE : Vision 2031

A second giant leap for mankind has been planned and initiated. MARS ONE has aimed to establish a permanent human settlement on the planet Mars. Several unmanned missions will be successfully accomplished, establishing a habitable settlement before the selected and trained crews will be carefully departed to Mars. Funding and implementing this plan will not... Continue Reading →

Overcome your fears.

Hello everyone! It's Tinnie here talking to you all about self-help today. Hope you all find some interest hearing me! What is Weakness? Each of us is weak somewhere. We all are fragile and delicate at some state. It could be for some predilection or for something we are afraid of doing. Well, basically weakness... Continue Reading →

Awesome Scientific Facts

  In no particular order, here are some mind-bendingly incredible facts that we didn’t learn at high school, but wish we did. Because I certainly would have paid a whole lot more attention if my teacher had shared a few of these insights. 1. Water can boil and freeze at the same time- Seriously, it’s... Continue Reading →

Death from laughter!

  Death from laughter is a rare form of death, usually resulting from cardiac arrest or asphyxiation, caused by a fit of laughter. Instances of death by laughter have been recorded from the times of ancient Greece to the modern day. Some famous instances in the past have been- Cleopatra, ruler of Egypt in 51–30... Continue Reading →

World’s toughest exam

Recently the Court of Master Sommeliers welcomed four new members; A mighty number when you consider the grueling fact that only 200 people have passed since the exam’s inception 40 years ago in the UK. The Master Sommelier’s Diploma exam is the world’s most challenging wine examination, period. On average candidates sit for the exam... Continue Reading →

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